How to Write a Blog Post From Start to Finish Using Bramework

March 13, 2022


In this video tutorial, you will learn how to write an SEO optimized article with Bramework.

Video Transcript:

I’m going to show you how to create a blog post on Bramework from start to finish.

This blog post will be about affiliate marketing for beginners.

I’ll scroll through my keyword information and then I’ll click show more to see more questions here.

I will select the keywords that I want to include in my outline, you can select up to five keywords.

My first outline is being created. If I was going to create a short social media post I would only generate one outline but for a long blog post I usually create up to two to three outlines and then combine them. This gives me more content to work with as you can see my new outlines are being created.

Next, I’ll tweak the title, take the best introduction and conclusion in other sections, and add them to my main outline. Next, I will set my cursor at the end of the intro paragraph to write more.

Remember you should write about 25 words to activate the Write More button after each time it writes.

Now a cool tip is to delete the AI-generated text if you don’t like it. And that will automatically power up the Write More button.

Again, you can also click the redo button to have the AI write again. Also, remember if you type anything after the AI writes you won’t be able to redo it again.

Now as I progress, I continue to format my posts I also include h1s, and h2s for section headings and use the Write More button when I need it.

Again the tip is after the AI writes for me I can delete the text I don’t like. And I’ll automatically repower the AI writing tool and I can write more. That’s so cool right!

So basically it’s like a dance where I write and the AI writes. I make some tweaks then I provide some context and I keep moving forward.

As you can see I do the process over and over again until I get the text that I want. And then I add to it

Next, instead of using the write more tool, I use the answer question tool to get an exact and concise answer. If you get an unknown text try rephrasing the question. Of course, to make sure the AI writes the way I want I’ll start the sentence off with the text I want and let the AI complete the paragraph.

I continue to adjust the generated text as needed. Now I need to complete my conclusion I’ll do some more tweaks and formatting, next I’ll move my title from the body to the title section. I’ll go ahead and save my draft do a quick review add my primary keyword to my heading and then just for fun I’ll go ahead and add my featured image and my draft is complete thanks for using brainwork